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Years of Experience

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Trade with the Country


We Add a New Perspective to Investment

As MNK GROUP, while aiming to provide the highest quality to our customers and business partners in each of our fields of activity, we consider our responsibility to the environment and society at every step.


MNK GROUP: Innovative Revolution in the Investment Industry"

As MNK GROUP, we aim to revolutionize the investment industry with our innovative and unique approach. Click here to learn more about our mission and values.


As MNK GROUP, we provide services with our group companies based on sustainability with our unique commercial relationships. Click here to get more information about our services.


As MNK GROUP, we trade in various sectors such as energy, food, international trade, petrochemical products, and renewable energy. 


Our Group Companies

"MNK GROUP offers solutions that create value by combining innovation and excellence in various sectors. We make a difference in global markets by focusing on quality and trust with our group companies, each specialized in their field."

MNK Investment specializes in the purchase and sale of basic food items such as tea and sugar, meets the needs of the sector by providing quality raw materials to the markets and contributes to the sustainable growth of trade.

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MEN Petrokimya leads the market by buying and selling crude oil, bitumen and derivative products in the sector and creates a reliable supply chain in the energy sector.

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BEN Petrokimya is a dynamic member of MNK GROUP, which is in the process of establishing a new factory for granule and plastic production. It also operates in the field of renewable energy and plays an active role in the energy sector by establishing solar power plants and hydroelectric power plants in various regions of Turkey.


Atıl durumdaki petrol ve petrol türevi değişik prime veya recycle ürünlere asfaltik özellikler kazandırarak dünyamız çevre eko sistemine ve ekonomisine katkı sağlamakta olan  şirketimizdir.

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MNK General Trading, based in Dubai, operates in global markets with a wide range of products in international trade. The company specializes in trading in general raw materials as well as oil and oil derivatives.


In the field of energy, our company has strengthened its place in the sector with its fuel and electricity distribution and production activities, and in tea production under the 'Yeşil İnci' brand,  offers quality products using natural methods.

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NK Petrokimya buys and sells bitumen and petroleum derivatives in the energy and petrochemical sectors. Aiming for leadership in the sector with innovative and sustainable business models, the company focuses on environmentally friendly solutions and oil recycling.

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D100 Kuzey Yanyol Cad. No:26 / 1 / 79 Soğanlık / Kartal

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