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Our Founder


Muhammet Nalkıran 

MNK GROUP is an ISTANBUL-based group of companies operating in the fields of energy, food, recycling and international trade. Known for its wide product range and innovative approaches, the group aims for sustainable growth by focusing on quality and reliability in the global market.


As MNK GROUP, we aim to provide the highest quality service to our customers and business partners by offering innovative and sustainable solutions in the energy, food, recycling and international trade sectors. We aim to be a pioneer in our sectors and create long-term value by acting ethically and responsibly, respectful to the environment and society.


MNK GROUP's vision is to become an industry leader on a global scale and to promote sustainable growth through innovative business models. Our main goal is to become a globally recognized brand with our diversified business lines, to constantly add value to our customers and stakeholders and to create a positive impact worldwide.

Our Journey So Far


MNK INVESTMENT was established

MNK GROUP was established with the vision of bringing a new approach to the investment industry.



Description of achievement or milestone.

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