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MNK GROUP is a well-established group company operating with the principle of inter-sectoral diversity and innovation. The companies that form the basis of MNK GROUP operate in a wide range of sectors, from the energy and petrochemical sectors to the food and construction sectors. Our companies play an active role in the global market and focus on producing innovative solutions with sustainable growth.


MNK GROUP aims to provide fast and effective solutions to customer needs, closely follows the constantly developing technology and develops innovative products and services accordingly. Our Group companies attach great importance to environmentally friendly practices and have placed sustainability and social responsibility principles at the center of their business model. With this approach, the company is recognized as a reliable brand in its sectors and reinforces our leadership in the sector by establishing long-term partnerships.

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As MNK GROUP, our goal is to lead innovation in sectors, to position ourselves as a competitive and reliable supplier in the global market, and to provide effective and sustainable solutions that create value in each field of activity. We aim to add new successes to our success in both local and international markets by keeping the synergy between group companies at the highest level.


As MNK GROUP, we operate by adopting an ethical and innovative approach based on solid foundations in the business world. Sustainability, customer focus, and innovation stand out among the company's core values.  While we act environmentally conscious and socially responsible, we base transparency and honesty in all business processes. We aim for continuous improvement and excellence in the way we do business, attach great importance to the professional development of our employees and support them in adapting to innovations in the sector.

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