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Muhammet Nalkıran

Born in Rize in 1978, Muhammet Nalkıran completed his education in his hometown and then graduated from the Computer Engineering Department of Eastern Mediterranean University. Nalkıran, who stepped into the business world in 2002, started his career as a manager and in a short time, he overhauled two tea factories from scratch and put them into operation. In 2013, he expanded his business area by establishing a sugar factory in Eskişehir that also offers packaging services. Concentrating on international trade, especially trading, as of 2020, Nalkıran has focused on growth in the recycling and energy sectors in recent years. With an approach sensitive to the needs in world markets, it also shows interest in agricultural activities aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. Muhammet Nalkıran charts a unique path in the business world with his innovative and sustainable approaches.

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